Canadian Police (CPIC) Checks

CPIC Checks / Name Checks / Background Check / Police Check

Often interchangeable terms.

A CPIC check is a query using a person’s name and date of birth. This type of check is the preferred choice of Canadian employers. FBI and US State police certificates can also be obtained through our office.

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C.P.I.C. stands for Canadian Police Information Centre

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Results can be faxed within 48 hours. Original copy is mailed to the applicant or employer within 7-10 days.

NOTE: CPIC Checks are the preferred method of criminal background screening used by Canadian employers. While there may be a match pointing to a possible criminal record, it does not mean that the person subject to the check is the subject of that criminal record. This can only be positively confirmed with the submission of fingerprints. While a persons’ name may change, their fingerprints do not. If a person already has a criminal record under one name and are convicted of another crime under a different name, the fingerprints will always be matched to the original record.

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Interim Policy - Dissemination of Criminal Record Information (CCRTIS/CPIC)

The policies set forth in this document apply to Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) Agencies that are engaged with Third Party Companies for conducting name-based criminal record verifications. The policies are effective immediately and should be adhered to in conjunction with the CPIC Reference Manual. In instances where these policies conflict with the CPIC Reference Manual, the policies in this document shall take precedence.
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